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Listen to some stories.

​Once upon a time in a small corner of Ruisui Township, there was a deserted area. No one had ever known that the land beneath their feet was actually a treasure. It has nurtured many hot springs and minerals, so the young man who was 30 years old at the time decided to try it for his hometown and youth. At a depth of 430 meters underground, ​ discovered another world.

​Ruisui’s first store.

This is a process of accumulation bit by bit, and a process of transformation. Every transformation is to make customers who come to Ruixiong truly feel warm and at home.

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​Stone pool
Private family pool
Square pool

​Walk with us.

In the past few days, we are truly grateful to our friends who have accompanied us in demolishing various constructions and watched us grow.The first thing that entered history in May was the Square Dazhong Pool. Many people couldn’t believe it and even thought it was a rumor on the Internet.Smart people will still call to inquire and care. What’s more, the semi-open-air hot spring house has gone into history.We know that many friends really come to Ruixiong just for it. The last day of the soup house’s operation is 2022/11/30.Seeing your expressions thinking about the soup house, we know we have to work harder!Thank you dear ones, your love is the strength for us to move forward. Two years later, we have turned around magnificently.Everyone must remember to come back to see us!Here are some photo reviews for you... Come take a time machine with us!​ (The following photos are all old photos, there are no public pools and soup houses now)

Can I drink from the hot spring?

Due to the color and transparency of hot springs, many misunderstandings often occur.When it first emerges from the earth's surface, it is transparent and colorless. After a while, the hot spring oxidizes.It turns golden yellow and is also known as golden hot spring. This hot spring has extremely high mineral content.It is very easy to crystallize (the crystallizing component is calcium carbonate). The higher the water temperature, the darker the color.Because of his special habits, Ruixiong has insisted on using the original soup for 20 years.

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