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1-Personal information collected

In this section, list the types of personal information your site collects about users. You may collect the following information:

  • Identification information such as name, email address, contact address, phone number, etc.

  • Browser type, IP address, geographical location, access time and other technical information

  • Payment information, transaction records and other financial information

  • Subscription information, survey results, other types of user feedback

2. How data is used

In this section, describe how your site uses the information it collects, for example:

  • Use the information collected to provide services on the website

  • Use users' personal information for marketing and advertising purposes

  • Use users' personal information to analyze and improve website performance

3. Information sharing

In this section, list whether you will share users' personal information with third parties, such as:

  • Share users' personal information with advertising partners

  • Share users' personal information with third parties to detect fraud or irregularities

  • Other situations where users' personal information needs to be shared

4. Cookie use

In this section, explain whether your website uses cookies, their purpose and types. For example:

  • Use of cookies to analyze and improve website performance

  • Use cookies for user authentication and login

  • Use of cookies for advertising and marketing purposes

5. User rights

In this section, list the rights users have over their personal information, such as:

  • access, correct or delete their personal information

  • Withdraw consent to their personal information

  • Restrict or protest how their personal information is used


6. Security measures

In this section, describe the steps your site takes to protect the security of users' personal information.

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